Vario-Elmar-R 35-70mm/f3.5 :





Zooming range of 35mm-70mm is already out-dated from today's standard. The zoom lens of today, at least, should have a 28mm perspective. There are number of zoom lenses which already meet these requirement with high-quality.

Does above-mentioned fact move this lens out of the book ? The answer is No ! The reason is that this lens still keeps its quality to serve your needs perfectly.

With 35mm-70mm, 80mm-200mm/f4 Zoom is a good companion and we are sure that more than 80% of application can be covered by these two lenses. If you add 19mm or 21mm those lenses cover almost all the situation.


Non-rotating front element so that the filter-work is easy. Because of fixed aperture, it is easy to handle when in the Manual Mode. What is lacked from this lens, that is the closest focusing distance of 1m hopefully down to 50cm insted. And if it has a capability of 28mm at its shortest focal length, this lens becomes one of the must for any R-Leica enthusiasts.

The construction is great and it is still one of the lens which stays gold.


A barrel distortion at 35mm and pin-cushion one at 70mm but only a little at 35mm and hardly noticeable at 70mm. The length of the lens become maximum at 35mm and become minimum at 70mm.

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