Hologon's Dynamism :(ホロゴンのダイナミズム)

The title, Hologon's Dynamism, is not indicating or suggesting the photo taken by Hologon, it rather be dictated as a dynamism of the appearance of the lens itself or the style of the mounted lens.Talking about a practical use, there are some tips to be noted such as careful handling in order to avoid 'finger-in' to the frame, angle of either elevation or depression which cause too much perspective.

Separate finder is bright and clear but somewhat suffers from distortion. The both Anglefinder (Magnifier) and Eyecup for Contarex can be used with this finder, the interesting thing is that when equipped with Anglefinder, its view would be adopted to a 21mm field.



MDaに装着したホロゴン。シンプルな印象を受けるが、結局ベッサーLに Super Wide-Heliar 15mm/f4.5 Aspherical を装着したものと撮れる写真は似たものとなる。ただ、モノとしての存在感は大きく違う。

Hologon mounted to Leica MDa. The set up is simple enough. After all, a same kind of picture can be produced with Bessa-L and Super Wide-Heliar 15mm/f4.5 Aspherical, however, one can not ignore the difference between two in terms of their significance of being.

フロント・ビュー、固定焦点では無く、気休め程度に(!)焦点距離の調整が可能である。1mの指標と無限遠指標の間の狭間に実質的に全空間が入る。FOR LEICA-M の文字はよく見ると 「O」がウムラウトになっている。レンズ中心部に幽かであるが、レンズの最もくびれた部分に相当する虹彩のような穴が見える。

Front View. Please note, it has a focusing capacity and it accommodates almost all the spaces in- between 1m and infinity index. Gazing the word 'FOR LEICA-M', the 'O' is 'U-umlaut'. At the centre of the lens, there is a small iris-like opening the point of which is the narrowest point of the lens.


Rear view. It's Made in West Germany.


Separate finder. A spirit level is attached on to the top of the finder and it can be seen when looking into the finder. This finder was directory made and modified from the finder block of Hologon Ultra-Wide Camera.


Finder image. There is a substantial distortion and a vignetting towards the frame. Centre is acceptable but corner is just enough to 'guess' the area.