Motor Drive R8:



This month, we nominate the Motor Drive for R8 which was just released.

It was since last summer when Leica made its official announcement to produce Motor Drive for R8, almost all Leica R fan thought that the final product would be coming by the end of the year, however due to the change of its battery system, it took more.

Its well-designed shape perfectly fits as R8's outfit and you'll find it imperative when you shoot with telephoto lense.

Only drawback is its size and weight.



In Continuous Mode, you may select either High Speed (4 fps/sec), Low Speed (2 fps/sec) or Single Mode.

With Auto-Bracket Mode, the drive stops at every 3 fps which represents normal-under-over exposures being set by the slide switch.

Also, automatic rewind capability is provided for the smooth operation.

Question is all those operations were only through a rechargeable battery exclusive to the Motor Drive R8.